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23 Varieties

Willie Smith’s quest is to make high quality traditional style ciders.  We are committed to ongoing research and experimentation on how to best grow, blend and ferment traditional cider apple varieties to create special highly structured and aromatic limited release ciders.

Our most recent evolution towards this  goal is the 23 Varieties Apple Cider has been made through the combination of 23 single French and British bittersweet cider apple varietal ferments. The result is a multi-layered textural cider which is full-bodied and has a balanced rounded tannin profile.

Seasonal Releases / 23 Varieties

  • Medium Bottle
  • 750ML

Tasting Notes

The 23 Varieties displays a complex nose that expresses floral notes that combine with apricot and other stone fruit aromas and are underpinned by sweet spice. The traditional approach of leaving milled apples to rest prior to pressing has contributed to the soft mouthfeel of the cider and a cloudy deep amber colour that is specific to true tannic cider varieties.

This cider will go well with any good food, in particular rich pork and chicken dishes, especially if stone fruit or apples are also incorporated.

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5% ABV

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3 standard drinks per 750ML

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Released in 2017

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