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Heritage Blend

A delicious blend of heritage apples – those with a long history of cultivation for cidermaking in the old world countries such as England, France, Spain and Germany.

Seasonal Releases / Heritage Blend

  • Medium Bottle
  • 750ML

Tasting Notes

Diverse in flavour and personality, these heritage apples have wonderful names that link them to their origins.

Often categorised as either sweets. sharps, bittersharps or bittersweets – according to the balance of sugar, acid, tannins and phenolics.

This cider is made from a mix of the following varieties: Antoinette, Brown’s Apple, Bulmers Norman, Cimetiere de blangy, Closette, Cremiere, Dabinett, French Crab, Frequin Rouge Amer, Improved Foxwhelp, Michelin, Somerset Red Streak, Sweet Coppin and Yarlington Mill.

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6.1% ABV

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Released in 2020

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