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Traditional Cider

Willie Smith’s Traditional Cider is a delicious blend of traditional heirloom cider apples and table apples made using old world cider making approaches of the long-time cider producers of France and England.

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Tasting Notes

Willie Smith’s Traditional Cider is a richly golden coloured un-filtered cider made in the traditional French and English farmhouse style. It is a full-bodied, cloudy cider with a wonderful aroma and enjoyable deep flavours.

French and British heirloom cider apples contribute complexity, texture, lifted fresh apple aromas and deep honeyed toffee notes to the cider. The front palate is rich and smooth and gives way to a drying grippy finish, making it a cider that is both medium sweet and drying at the same time.  It is this character and balance that makes the Traditional a cider that can be both easily enjoyed by the pint at the bar, or quietly pondered over when matched with good food.

This exciting new cider is the result of Willie Smiths’ commitment to delivering distinctly different, innovative and flavoursome ciders to the Australian cider market.



Our Traditional cider is crafted in a way that makes it fully drinkable at the bar and equally well suited to serious food.  The lifted fruit aromas and textured mouthfeel make it a perfect accompaniment to chargrilled free range pork loan served with a roasted stone fruit and witlof salad.

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5.4% ABV

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3.2 standard drinks per 750ml

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Released in 2017

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