Willie Smith’s

Whisky Aged

Our finest cider, aged in Tasmanian Lark Whisky barrels.

Seasonal Releases / Whisky Aged

  • Medium Bottle
  • 750ML

Tasting Notes

Our finest dry organic cider was selected and carefully aged for an extended period in Tasmanian Lark whisky barrels to create Willie Smith’s Whisky Aged Cider. Following maturation times ranging from six to twelve months, individual barrels were selected and blended to achieve a complex, balanced cider that expresses both soft apple cider characteristics and persistent whisky and oak notes. Soft carbonation and no filtration has resulted in a structured cider with textured mouthfeel and lingering warmth.

We recommend gently rotating the bottle to re-suspend solids before serving.

Colour: Cloudy pale straw

Aroma: Lifted aromas of whisky and fruit cake overlaying apple notes.

Flavour: The palate is full bodied and dry, expressing warming whisky flavours, dried fruit and vanilla.

Recommended serving temperature: 12 degrees.

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9.9% ABV

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5.9 drinks per 750ml

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Released in 2014

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