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The distillery

Naturally organic from the Huon Valley

Our still was commissioned in April 2016 and is located at Willie Smith’s Apple Shed. It is the first alembic copper still in Australia purpose-built for making apple brandy. We think being able to produce apple spirits from the ‘Apple Isle’ is a welcome addition to the already very exciting Tasmanian distilling scene.

Calvados style

French-style apple brandy

Our still is a Charentais alembic still, the design used in Normandy (France) to produce Calvados. The Charentais alembic still was designed in the early 16th century in the Cognac region of France where it is still used for fine Cognac production.

We produce an aged apple brandy from our still, in the same style as Calvados. We also produce a lighter apple spirit, Charles Oates Apple Blanco, a delicately flavoured spirit which you can learn more about below.

Charles Oates

Charles Oates was a man who pioneered a new way of life in the Huon Valley and became a true man of Mountain River. He arrived in Tasmania in 1844 to serve a sentence for stealing a sheep in England, and built an empire that is still evident in the Huon Valley today.

Drawing inspiration from Charles Oates’ pioneering spirit, we here at William Smith & Son’s are on a journey to create uniquely Tasmanian spirits with our apples and celebrate a man and his family who have done so much for the valley over the last couple of hundred years.

Still products

Apple Brandy

Charles Oates Fine Apple Brandy (Muscat Barrel)

Carefully distilled in small batches, our Apple Brandy captures the pure apple flavours and aromas of pristine fruit grown in the misty valleys of Tasmania. This special single cask release has been aged in a 120 L hand-selected Muscat barrel. It expresses rich and complex aromas of dried muscatels, cocoa and vanilla bean in combination with lifted fine apple notes. This rare and special spirit is best enjoyed by an open fire on a cold winter’s night.

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Apple Blanco

A clean and pure expression of the fruit that makes up this spirit is a bartender’s best friend and is a perfect mixer in cocktails. After harvesting, the fruit is gently fermented and double distilled in small batches to capture the essence of these crisp and aromatic apples. As a result, this fine-bodied white spirit displays intensely lifted floral and apple aromas.

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