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Ben Salter live at the Shed: “It Became A Thing” Tour

August 22, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm


The Apple Shed

2064 Huon Highway
Grove, Tasmania 7109 Australia
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Never one to knowingly sit still for more than ninety seconds, newly Tasmanian-based post-colonial epic-folk perpetrator, founding member of Giants of Science, The Gin Club, The Wilson Pickers, Hownowmer, The Young Liberals & Anigozanthos and possibly Australia’s most under-rated songwriter and performer Ben Salter is setting off on another hastily cobbled together and arbitrarily branded run of performances, or ‘tour’.

The tour is called the “It Became A Thing” tour and it will take place in July, August and September 2019 at locations in Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT and Tasmania in association with the fine folk at Dashville Presents who take no responsibility for this press release.

For those who came in late, Salter, who is really rather under-rated and special, returned earlier this year from a seven month, 100+ show sojourn around Japan and Europe a markedly improved performer, with some pundits putting his post-sojourn efforts at 12-16% better than pre-trip levels. A pretty impressive statistic, especially given Salter’s already well known commitment to songwriting and performance excellence.

“I guess something good had to come from it all” says Salter “More than once on the long trip I found myself performing my trademark ornately arranged musical vignettes & accompanying lyrics, that deal as they do with knotty existential dilemmas and video games and such, to two barflies in a one horse town, neither of whom could speak English, whilst also trying to make between song banter in Spanish or French or German, all of which I am unable to speak, and quietly, internally pondering the direction my life was heading.” Salter continues: “It was at these exact moments that I made the decision to try and ignore extraneous factors, barflies, communication issues and such, dig a little deeper inside myself and focus my attention on the minutae of my performances, to sharpen my faculties to a diamond-like hardness and clarity. The entire trip could be seen as a self improvement exercise involving rigorous exposure to alternating bouts of extreme indifference, exotic locales, protracted periods of travel and foreign intoxicants.”

Upon returning from the trip Salter had hoped to retire from the music business to pursue a quiet life of composting, but once again life got in the way. “Unlike many Australians, I have now managed to acquire a mortgage” says Salter pensively. “It requires a level of care and attention that sleeping on people’s floors never demanded. Having ruined myself for any other type of work a long time ago and burned most of my bridges in the Tasmanian artistic community, I knew I had best get back up to ‘The Mainland’ as we island folk call it, and do what I do best: drink free beer. And play songs.”

And so it became a thing. This July Salter will hit the road once again with his guitar, and a sack of effects pedals and shiny trinkets. He’ll be attempting to perform live some of the songs that he’s been releasing through Patreon, a crowd-funding website/platform that enables artists to build a direct relationship with their fans.
“I’d be dead if it wasn’t for the Patreon funding that my fans have so generously provided me”, he opines gravely. “Also it’s forced me to write and record something every couple of weeks for the past twelve months and I now have a fat little hard drive full of paranoid folk music, wobbly bangers and post-colonial art noise. It has definitely become a thing.”

Salter will be releasing a vinyl compilation of some of the Patreon material, including some demos and live tracks, before the year is out, whilst continuing to work towards a fourth ‘studio’ album. “I’ve been doing some sort of improvised piano and noise pieces, a little bit like Robert Wyatt or James Blake I suppose” he says “I’m mainly just excited about using a new font on an album cover because Century Gothic is so passe. I’m out of contract at the moment so if anyone wants to give me heaps of money to release an album speak now, or later.”

Tickets available at the door or online:


August 22, 2019
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm


The Apple Shed
2064 Huon Highway
Grove, Tasmania 7109 Australia
(03) 6266 4345

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