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Ruben Reeves

Ruben Reeves

The winking eye of god bid him, go with joy unto the place of burning, and so. He returned home. With no light but the enlightenment, you find through overturning.

Hailing from the windswept rainforests of the deep, deep south. The southernmost tip of Tasmania, Australia is home to wildman Ruben Reeves. A drummer, bass player, a guitarist and a screaming poet all at the same time. Some call him a
One-Man-Band, some call him a human octopus & some say he has too much time on his hands. No matter what anyone says though, this kid can do something that not everyone can. No looper, nothing artificial, no tricks other than what you can see for yourself he is a one-man show that sounds like a full band. All he needs is someone to sing along with the chorus. So why not join in with some irony-laden peace and love songs for the apocalypse?

roving, friday
5:30 pm - 6:15 pm
Paddock Stage

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