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Pakana Kanaplila Welcome Ceremony

Our name is Pakana Kanaplila.  You came here to meet us here on our salt-water island Lutruwita Tasmania, we are country, fire, wind, earth and ceremony, all life within sky country, salt and fresh waters that join/grow us through an all-life journey.

Pakana Kanaplila Tasmanian Aboriginal Dancers are a traditional and contemporary dance group that are growing dance within lutruwita Tasmania.

We hold tuylupa spark of fire elements, language story, song and kanaplila respectfully honours our Elders, and our Identity.

Pakana Kanaplila brings you a culturally unique and original experience for those who witness to understand the responsibilities we hold, that we are country that is ancient and culturally significant, our spirits are born from deep time, we are the creation of the oldest living culture for future generations.

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7:30 pm - 7:45 pm

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