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Roaming trees

Roaming Trees

We are Linda and Tamas, and with our children Rozi and Misi we are the ROAMING TREES. Our roots are in Europe, Hungary but ten years ago we roamed to Tasmania, and we are still roaming...

Our Spinnarium is a storytelling oracle wheel, a play that is based on forgotten traditions and stories and it connects us back to our ancestors. The main element is a mechanical wheel that has 36 costume designed and carved cards installed around the disk. “You have a question, we spin the wheel, our oracle speaks and her words are translated to you, and a story unfolds.” This is a game, balancing between being serious and playful. The cards are providing guidelines and can only highlight the already known that is hidden within the person who is asking.

Tamas is a skilled traditional Hungarian storyteller. His tellings are inter-generational events. His Roaming Trees Storytelling platform has seen him grab audiences on the international stages of Europe and Australasia, re-telling folk tales, myths and legends in his uniquely engaging way. He says he tells stories so that he can nurture his audience as a community, but even better, can create with them something transient that also has the power to make a long term imprint. His end goal is not to just tell a great story, but to learn with his listeners about what it means to be human.

We trained up our children to walk on stilts in great costumes and they truly enjoy roaming as “small giants” among kids and adults.

roving, kids
2:45 pm - 3:45 pm
Storytelling Tent

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