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The Crooked Fiddle Band

Their unique blend of fiery folk with post- and prog-rock elements creates a captivating sound they've dubbed 'chainsaw folk'. With their latest album, "Another Subtle Atom Bomb," recorded locally in Australia, the band has honed their craft, infusing their music with raw energy and gritty textures.

Led by Jess Randall on violin, nyckelharpa, and vocals, alongside Gordon Wallace on guitar, bouzouki, and more, Mark Stevens on double bass, and Joe Gould on drums and vocals, The Crooked Fiddle Band delivers a dynamic live experience. From Sydney's iconic Opera House to international festivals like Fusion Festival in Germany, their performances are a fusion of tradition and innovation, captivating audiences worldwide.



saturday, featured
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Paddock Stage

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