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Organic Apple Cider Now More Sessionable

Same great organic flavour, now more sessionable

Australia’s original organic cider, Willie Smith’s Organic Apple Cider has just got more sessionable. We’re delivering the same award-winning taste, made on the farm from organic apples with a change to the alcohol-by-volume.

We’ve got a long history, with our family farm dating back to 1888, but it was our founder Andrew Smith who took our the farm organic over 25 years ago. The mantra, that if you look after mother nature, she will look after flavour.

Our cider is made on the farm, this means the apples travel mere meters from where they were grown to be crushed, fermented, and packaged, allowing you to enjoy our organic orchard’s fresh authentic flavours with every sip.

We’ve listened to feedback from our customers to evolve our most popular cider to provide more refreshment and sessionability, by reducing the alcohol-by-volume from 5.4% to 5.0%.

At Willie Smith's, we are always led by flavor. It's been our guiding star in evolving the cider we’re famous for, to provide a better drinking experience while keeping the core goodness intact.

Balanced, cloudy and more sessionable than ever – Willie Smith’s Organic Apple Cider is perfect for every get together, whether you're relaxing with friends, enjoying a barbecue, or simply unwinding after a long day.

Our updated Organic Apple Cider will be released mid-November, with a transition period between the 5.0% and the 5.4% ABV ciders. We expect the transition to be complete by mid-December at the latest.

It’s the same great flavour you love, now with the benefit of being more sessionable.

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