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Embrace a cider way of life – join our Cider Club!

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Autumn 2020 Cider Club Pack

6 x 750ml | Various ABV


In our Autumn pack you’ll find four different ciders – two we’ve snaffled from our museum stock and two of each of our latest releases – one to enjoy now, one to stash away for later.

Our 2020 Bulmer’s Norman is the first time we’ve showcased this heritage apple– yes, it’s an apple variety as well as that infamous cider. We’re pleased to be righting this apple’s reputation! You’ll find this one dry in style, tannin driven and complex.

While ciders are often consumed straight away, like wine, they’re often far better after a year or more of aging – under the right conditions. So we’ve included two vintages of our Heritage Blend – or French Blend as it used to be known – so you can compare them side by side.

The 2019 French has been highly sought after since launch and is looking even better after a few years of careful aging.

Taste it alongside our 2020 Heritage release to get the best insight into how ciders develop as they age.

Our 2019 Whisky Aged is another favourite from the cellar that’s looking fantastic at the moment, with the barrel characters mellowing out a little, allowing the apple to really sing.

Think about these ciders as wine – if you find one you love, put away a case so you can drink them over time and see their evolution.


Each bottle is 750ml champagne-style


Want to embrace this cider way of life? Join our Cider Club. 

Each Spring and Autumn, you’ll discover a mix of member-exclusive and heritage release ciders, to drink and celebrate (yes, they’re that good) with your friends and family.

We’ll also throw in 15% off our cider and spirits online, free shipping, and invites to the odd dinner or two.

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