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Embrace a cider way of life – join our Cider Club!

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Spring 2020 Cider Club Pack

6 x 750ml | Various ABV


The team in the cidery have been getting really creative these last few months and nothing embodies that more than our Spring Cider Club pack. You’ll get two of each of the below 750ml bottles:

2020 Sturmer Pippin Pét Nat – Club Member Exclusive

Our first, and one of Australia’s first ‘Pét-Nat’ ciders. Our homage to the old times – made from the vibrant heritage cider apple, Sturmer Pippin, made the old way using the original sparkling wine technique – no additions and bottle conditioned.

Bananas, custard apple, kiwi fruit and tropical fruit salad vibes, swimming in a sea of cool acidity. Hello Summer.


2019 Cool As Ice  Club Member Exclusive

Made from 100% 2019 Yates in the iced wine style.The juice was concentrated, intensified and maximised with the aid of the Valley’s frosty environs.

Taste like intense fruity intensity Pasito with a Passiona chaser, extra tangy Solo Man and the year 1991. And obviously Vanilla Ice.


2020 Yarlington Mill

This Single Varietal showcases its namesake – one of the great bittersweet cider apples of England, first found growing out of a water wheel near the village of Yarlington.

Charming, much like the apple itself and the cider it produces. Soft tannins, pithy astringency, caramel and candied apple characters. An elegant, mild-mannered cider.



Want to embrace this cider way of life? Join our Cider Club. 

Each Spring and Autumn, you’ll discover a mix of member-exclusive and heritage release ciders, to drink and celebrate (yes, they’re that good) with your friends and family.

We’ll also throw in 15% off our cider and spirits online, free shipping, and invites to the odd dinner or two.

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