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Willie Smith's 2022 Senescence

750 ML | 5.5%


$29.75 - $161.50 Cider Club

$190.00 $161.50


$29.75 - $161.50 Cider Club

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Autumnal characteristics & a crowd favourite returns

Senescence is the process of leaves yellowing as they age and fall. The perfect way to express the autumnal characteristics of this cider.

Fermented using age-old keeving techniques that clarify the juice with the aid of naturally occurring pectins. We closely manage this magical process of nature to prolong the fermentation, resulting in a weighted and flavoursome cider.

Finally, itis gently matured in old oak barrels throughout the shorter days of winter, further adding to the rich golden landscape that is, Senescence.

Keeved apple cider


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