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Willie Smith's Friday knock-off club

32 x 355ml | Choose two cartons

$130.00$150.00 / month


It's been a hard week, and Willie's is here to save your Friday.

The clock has passed 12pm on Friday, everyone in shifting awkward glances and it's happened again. The fridge is empty.

Don't send the intern to the bottle shop at the last minute with a long list of confusing requests. Keep it simple - everyone loves a Willie's and with our knock-off club you don't even have to remember to place an order.

We make things easy, on the first day of the month we send you a package of two cases of cider to cover your Friday knock-off needs. Choose to stick with the classic Organic, or mix it up with our Bone Dry or Non-Alc cider. Cancel at any time.

Take the stress out of Friday knock offs
Don't let the intern choose the booze
Two cases every month, delivered to your door

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