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Four generations of apple farmers have tended this orchard.
Learn more about our organic farm in the Huon Valley, with the cleanest air, the best soil, and the purest water on earth.

The Farm

Situated on 115 acres, our farm is 30 minutes south of Hobart in the Huon Valley, a once thriving apple-growing region that exported apples all
over the globe and earned Tasmania the title ofthe 'Apple Isle'.
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Ian and Andrew

The Family

The Smith family know orchards like they know their apples. Through the thick and thin of the industry and a crisis or two. It’s a story of determination, spirit, and most of all; family.
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Organic & Sustainability

We choose organic because we believe that making things with more care and less of the artificial bad stuff, is better for you and better for mother nature.
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Meet the mad scientists, farmers
and distillers innovating the cider and the land
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