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One of the most pure and untouched places on earth.

We are located in the Huon Valley, Tasmania – one of the most pure and untouched places on earth.

The air in Cape Grim, in north-west Tasmania, has been measured and is officially recognised as the cleanest air in the world. With prevailing winds being westerly, our air is similar and travels over one of the largest expanses of virgin forest wilderness in Australia before reaching the Huon Valley.

The Huon Valley collects on average 700mm of rain each year. When required, additional water is available to our orchard from the plentiful Mountain River flowing from the Sleeping Beauty mountain range.

30 mins from Hobart in the Huon Valley

Situated on 115 acres, our farm is 30 minutes south of Hobart in the Huon Valley, a once thriving apple-growing region that exported apples all over the globe and earned Tasmania the title of the ‘Apple Isle’.

Our farm went organic in 1997, thanks to the innovation of current orchardist, Andrew Smith. It was a bold move, transforming the orchard to organic, and involved a lot of new techniques and training to achieve. With a new focus on organic farming and the use of the apples in our cider, we hope to bring back the glory of the ‘Apple Isle’ days once more
Ian and Andrew share their journey farming in the Huon Valley

Why Organic?

With a new focus on organic farming and the use of apples in our cider, we hope to bring back the glory of the 'Apple Isle' days once more.
We choose organic because we believe that making things the traditional way, with more care and less of the artificial bad stuff, is better for you and better for Tassie.

A study conducted by the French Agency for Food Safety concluded that organic plant products:

- Contain more dry matter and are therefore more nutrient dense and have higher levels of minerals
- Contain more anti-oxidants, such as phenols and salicylic acid (known to protect against cancers, heart disease and many other health problems)

Most of all, organic produce just makes us feel good!
Ian and Andrew

Our Family

The Smith family know orchards like they know their apples. Through the thick and thin of the industry and a crisis or two. It’s a story of determination, spirit, and most of all; family.
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