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Just like our cider, Willie Smith’s apple spirit range champions honest fruit flavours coming straight from the orchard.

We balance French traditions and our own resourceful Tasmanian attitude to craft complex and authentic apple spirits.

Unique and  First

Tasmanians are an innovative bunch, evident in the spirits industry with over 60 distilleries and a global reputation for quality.  At Willie Smith’s, we’re not afraid to try something different which is why we make a Fine Apple Brandy, Pommeau, and Apple Spirit from the fruit grown on our organic orchard. We started making spirits in 2016 to show the world what apples can do and now we make spirits unique to our corner of Tasmania.


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    Willie Smith's Apple Brandy - Nocino Cask Finish

    350 ML | 45%


    $80.75 Cider Club

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    Willie Smith's Apple Brandy - Classic

    700 ML | 42%


    $102.00 Cider Club

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    Willie Smith's Pommeau (Apple Liqueur)

    700 ML | 21%


    $68.00 Cider Club

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The traditional French Apple Brandy – Calvados was our inspiration; taking European influence into our cider making techniques and by extension the influence of Calvados as been a key touchpoint in the development of our spirit. Our “Tassie Take” on the traditional Cavados style makes our spirit unique, Fruity and Delicate whilst still rooted in an Earthy, Rustic profile.

Alembic-Charentais Still

Our Australian first commercial Alembic-Charentais still is on full display at the Apple Shed. This type of still, whilst developed in the Cognac region of France is seen as the king of fruit spirit distillation and is the still of choice to use in Apple Brandy throughout Calvados. In addition to its beauty, the Charentais still is used to create a more robust and rich spirit, ideal for our approach of cask and maturation.


Provenance, quality, tradition and passion. We love knowing that we are handcrafting apple spirits every step of the way. Each bottle has apples that we farmed, picked, juiced, fermented, distilled, barrel-aged, and bottled all on site. Everything that comes from our distillery has had the same level of passion and love go into it. Quality in, Quality out is the rule of thumb with all spirits; and we’re lucky to have the best, at every step.

Loved by Bartenders


Bartenders love working with our spirits, our sustainable ethos, elegant profile, competitive pricing and top notch provenance, not to mention the unique, authentic apple flavour lends itself perfectly to cocktails as well as sipping spirits to be enjoyed neat. Engage with us on social media to see what sort of drinks our spirits can go into!

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