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Willie Smith's Bone Dry Apple Cider

Case of 16 x 355 ML | 6.5%


$67.15 Cider Club


$67.15 Cider Club

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Our most crisp cider brings orchard-fresh
apple flavour, without the sugar.

As the name suggests, this is our bold, dry and refreshingly crisp cider. Made on the farm, these apple travel mere metres to be crafted into cider.

Although we use the same varieties of eating apples as our organic, all the sugar is fermented out allowing this cider to showcase each of the apples’ complex layers in their rawest form.

Fresh acid crunch that softens into a broad and creamy lingering finish, it’ll leave you wanting more.

100% Tasmanian Apples
Pink Lady, Fuji and Royal Gala
6.5%ABV | Case of 16 x 335ml

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