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Dry July She FoundationShe Foundation

$10 from every case of Non-Alc sold  via  our website during July goes to the S.H.E Foundation

Willie Smith's is a proud foundation partner of the Tasmania JackJumpers and is delighted to partner with S.H.E to help raise funds during the month of July. This incredible organisation, who are the key partner to the ‘teal Round’ in the NBL basketball season for the JackJumpers, provides support to Tasmanian families affected by gynaecolgical cancers.

Personal and business purchases apply – Tassie, it’s time to stock the house, the office, the shack, stock everything with Australia’s most delicious NON-ALC Cider and help make a difference.


Willie Smith's Non-Alcoholic Cider is not only crafted by Australia's best cider makers, but it also stands as a testament to their expertise by offering a taste experience that matches its alcoholic counterpart.

Willie Smith's Cider is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Using heritage apples, each step of the cider-making process is executed with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a truly refreshing and authentic beverage.

From handpicking the apples to pressing them into juice, all on our organic farm the dedicated team at Willie Smith's ensures that their Non-Alc Cider delivers the same level of satisfaction and complexity as traditional ciders. 

We actually care about apples. With this at the forefront of our thinking, plus, knowing a thing or two about making delicious cider, we've successfully created a non-alcoholic cider that is just as good as the real thing, providing an enjoyable and flavorful experience for all cider enthusiasts.
Award Winning

No added sugar, Gluten free, No Nasties, ACO Certified Organic

Non Alc

Willie Smith's Non Alc Apple Cider


Stay social with our Non -Alc apple cider

Familiar flavour but with a different feeling. Refined and refreshing, crafted to be more than just sparkling apple juice. Always be part of the party and stay in the game.

100% Tasmanian Apples
No added sugar, gluten free
Non-Alc | Case of 16 x335ml


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Why Willie Smith's

Organic Farm

Everything we do stays on our farm

From the apples we grow to the cider we make it all happens from our Organic Tasmanian farm in the Huon Valley. One of the most pristine places on earth.

Organic is how we live

Our 115 acre organic apple farm was one of the first and largest organic farms in Australia. Mother nature is always our first customer.

Award winning & innovative

Our cider makers craft some of the most interesting ciders around. Experimenting with age old wisdm and new world techniques, from Keeving , Pet Nat & barrel ageing.

Family owned since 1888

Willie Smith planted the first apple tree in 1888. 4 generations later the Smith family are still here on the  land growing apples and making unique Tasmanian cider and spirits.
$12 Flat Rate Shipping
100% Tassie grown & made
From our organic farm
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No added sugar

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