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Willie Smith's 2021 Heritage Blend

750ml | 6.3%


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Best in Show, Best Traditional Cider, Best in Class at the 2022 Australian Cider Awards.

Strictly limited stock, only a few cases remaining.

Each of the heritage apples used to create this masterpiece brings its own sound to the symphony.

A delicious blend of heritage cider apples - those with a long history of cultivation for cidermaking in the old world countries such as England, France, Spain and Germany.

Diverse in flavours and personality, they are often categorised as either sweets, sharps, bitter sharps or bittersweets - according to the balance of sugar, acid and tannins.

Layers of complexities and textures create a well-balanced cider, rich in character and aromatics. Its golden hue catches the eye with a bright toffee apple on the nose.

A creamy, layered cider evocative of apple pie and custard finishing with subtle tannin encroaching.

100% Tasmanian Apples

Traditional Cider Apples including: Antoinette, Brown’s Apples, Bulmers Norman, Cimetiere de blangy, Closette, Cremiere, Dabinett, French Crab, Frequin Rouge Amer, Improved Foxwhelp, Michelin, Somerset Red Streak, Stokes Red, Sturmer Pippin, Sweet Alford, Sweet Coppin, Yarlington Mill.

6.3%ABV | 3.7 standarddrinks | Harvest 2021 750ml | Case of 6x 750 ml

Heritage tasting notes

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