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Willie Smith's Sour Limited Release Cider

Case of 16 x 355 ML | 6.0%


$72.25 Cider Club


$72.25 Cider Club

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Long sunny days, good times with mates and Willie’s Sour - it must be time for Summer.

The perfect picture of Summer, golden sunrays bouncing off a sour green apple and the fresh crunch of your first bite. Our seasonal Sour Apple Cider is back to bring the ultimate refreshment.

Sour’s foundation is the Sturmer Pippin heirloom culinary apple, with a new dimension coming from old-world sour fermentation in oak
casks which create an unmistakable sour undertone to match its familiar zing.

Every mouthful is a tropical fruit salad full
of zesty lip-puckering goodness. Moderate carbonation and mouthfeel with subtle sweet undertones, balanced with natural sourness and delicate tannin to bring refinement to our cult-favourite summer quencher.

So, stack the esky and charge your glass – it’s time to pucker up and fill your summer with Sour.

100% Tasmanian Apples
Sturmer Pippin Cider Apples
6.0% ABV | 16 x 355ml

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