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Willie Smith's 2023 Yarlington Mill

750 ML | 6.2%


$25.50 - $136.00 Cider Club

$160.00 $136.00


$25.50 - $136.00 Cider Club

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Discovered in 1898 in Somerset, Yarlington Mill is one of the great bittersweet cider apples of England...

Yarlington Mill was named so, as the seedling was discovered growing out of a water wheel near the village of Yarlington in the United Kingdom.

A handsome, well-behaved tree in the orchard (most cider apple trees aren’t) which in turn makes handsome, well-behaved ciders in the shed. Themes of baked and dried fruits, soft caramel notes and fine tannins with a hint of barnyard funk.

Discerning drinking for the deliciously inclined.

100% Tasmanian Apples

Yarlington Mill - a traditional cider apple

6.2% ABV | 3.7 standard drinks | Harvest 2021 750ml | Case of 6 x 750ml

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