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Australia’s 1st organic Cidery from the Huon Valley, where William Smith first planted his orchard in 1888.

Four generations of Smith family experience goes into producing the very best tasting apples, hand-picked for this cider.

Produced on the farm and crafted and matured in French oak to deliver a truly distinctive farmhouse style, full of character and flavour in the traditional method.

Here’s to Willie!


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Willie Smith's Organic Apple Cider

Willie Smiths Organic Cider

We like to think of this as a cider for craft beer drinkers. We have thrown in everything we possibly could, including the kitchen sink to make the best possible cider we could. The result… this truly distinctive cider. Enjoy!

Tasting Notes

Willie Smith's Organic Cider takes its inspiration from the traditional cider making techniques of Northern France. Light and refreshing acidity married with rounded warm apple flavours and a notable tannin structure create a perfectly balanced palate and a easy cleansing finish. The aroma holds red apple, toasty oak and fresh citrus; flavours that are mirrored on the palate. Overall the cider has bags of complexity and structure allowing it to be engaging and yet worthy of great contemplation. 5.4% ABV.


Serving Suggestion

To fully bring out the flavour, it should be poured into a glass and served slightly warmer than fridge temperature (approx. 8°C) and definitely NOT over ice.

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It all starts with the cleanest air, the best soil and the purest water on earth.

We have been inspired by the traditional French farmhouse style.

We use 100% organic apples and all natural ingredients!

Our process is unique in Australia, and we have deconstructed the French cider making methodology to deliver a completely different cider drinking experience.

Step 1: we handpick all our apples – we treat them with the care they deserve!

Step 2: we then press the apples for their juice.

Step 3: we ferment the juice in a stainless steel vat using two types of white wine yeast from France.

Step 4: we then we do a secondary ferment to round out the cider and give it more body.

Step 5: we then age the cider in French Oak vats for up to 6 months to add complexity.

Step 6: we finish by blending together all of the different parts, allowing it to settle in maturation tanks for up to two months to create the perfect cider with a lovely rounded mouth feel.

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Willie and Ian Smith
Willie and Ian

William Smith

(1868–1948, the originator & pioneer)

Willie came to the Huon Valley, Tasmania in the 1800’s and planted the first tree for the orchard that we pick from today in 1888. Descended from convicts (both his parents arrived in Australia free of charge), he was passionate about farming and knew that it took great quality inputs to create the best possible outputs. He saw the great soil, the bountiful supply of fresh water and the clean air that the Huon Valley offered and he knew this was the place for him.

Willie and Ian Smith

Ron Smith

(1907–1964, the military man)

Ron went to war and came back after having seen the world. He put some structure around the business and began shipping apples all around the globe. He founded and helped build the RSL in Huonville to bring the community together and Andrew still enjoys a drink there from time to time.

Willie and Ian Smith
Ian and Andrew

Ian Smith

(1941–current, the workhorse)

Ian's motto was 'keep up and shut up', a sign of the competitive times that the Tassie apple industry was in. All around him he saw his friends shutting their orchards and people tightening their belts, working hard to deliver his customers the best produce was what he knew put food on the table and keep the business afloat.

Andrew Smith

(1970–current, the Innovator)

Andrew joined the family business 26 years ago and quickly saw how important good produce was to his customers and to people who eat the apples everyday. After some investigation he decided that the only thing he could do to improve the already great fruit was by doing even less to it and made the move the business into the organic space.

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Where we are from

We are located in the Huon Valley, Tasmania - the apple Isle and one of the most pure and untouched places on earth.

The valley collects on average 700mm of rain each year which passes through some of the cleanest air in the world, originating in Antarctica. When required, additional water is available to our orchard, from the plentiful Mountain River flowing from the Sleeping Beauty mountain range.

The air in Grim in Tasmania has been measured and is officially recognised as the cleanest air in the world. Our air, originates from the same location and travels over one of the largest expanses of virgin forest wilderness in Australia before reaching the valley.

For more of the Farm's story visit William Smith and Sons

The Farm

Situated on 115 acres, our farm is 35 mins South of Hobart in the Huon Valley, a once thriving apple growing region that exported apples all over the globe and earned Tasmania the moniker of 'The Apple Isle'.

It's our hope with our focus on quality and move to organic farming practices that we can once again make the Huon Valley and Tasmania, renowned for great apples and great apple products.

We're located in the Huon Valley, Tasmania
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A Study conducted by the French Agency for Food Safety concluded that Organic plant products:

  1. Contain more dry matter and are therefore more nutrient dense,
  2. Have higher levels of minerals,
  3. Contain more anti-oxidants such as phenols and salicylic acid (known to protect against cancers, heart disease and many other health problems).

We choose organic because we believe that making things the traditional way with more care and less of the artificial bad stuff is better for you and better for Tassie.

Most of all, it just makes us feel good!

What is Organic?

Organic produce is grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMOs with a focus on environmentally sustainable practices.

Organic systems are an innovative method of farming and production focused on soil and land health, and balanced eco-systems. Techniques used in organic agriculture deliver a diverse range of benefits and their potential is increasingly being recognised in the development of sustainable food and fibre technology for the future.

Organic food is not just chemical-free. Organic farmers take a holistic approach to food production and handling, and the whole system is linked - Soil. Plants. Animals. Food. People. Environment. Health.

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Cider Enquiries

Ph: (03) 6266 4339


If you are driving past feel free to drop in to The Apple Shed for a tasting and a look through the museum and experience the history of the Apple Industry in the Huon Valley!

The Apple Shed

2064 Huon Highway, Grove, Tas, 7109

Open from 10am daily

Ph: (03) 6266 4345


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The Apple Shed

Museum : Ciderhouse : Providore

In the rustic surrounds of an original apple shed built in 1942, learn about the Huon's fascinating apple heritage told through the eyes of Willie Smith. A range of delicious ciders is available at cellar door and the café serves a simple menu of the finest regional products.

A small providore will enable local producers an outlet in the Huon Valley where they can showcase their products and produce to visitors to the State.

2064 Huon Highway, Grove, 7109 | Open from 10am daily

For group bookings and functions please call or e-mail:


Ph: (03) 6266 4345

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You can find us in the following quality establishments

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